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Blood glucose level prediction

Blood glucose level

Medication intake

Food intake


Food recognition

How it works

👉 Just take a photo of your food and take it into the diary

🍔The food database will know the nutritional value of the food

🌍If it doesn’t recognise, take a picture of your food and add it manually. It will help the database to be more accurate and also helps us 😍

Voice recognition

🗣 Tell your blood glucose level to the phone’s microphone and take it into the diary

👍 No more need for manual logging, with the voice recognition system you can add your values (blood glucose levels, medication, date in any circumstance

Educations & tips

Topic-specific questions and answers

📝 Provides tips about diabetes

It is lectored by dietitians and doctors



Dcont Nemere
MÉRYkék QKY Bluetooth Adapter
Amazfit Bip
Abbott FreeStyle Libre 1


Google Fit
Apple Health


DiaPanda is your personal helper

Continuously watches your blood glucose level

Helps you to keep accurate logs

Gives you a continuous report over your blood glucose level

The Team

Tamás Havlik


Tamás Havlik


The dreamer of DiabTrend. Programmer and data scientist expert. His aim is the machine learning algorithm development and blood glucose level metabolism modelling with neural networks. He believes in achieving his dream the application will be a milestone worldwide in the treatment of every diabetic’s disease.

Marcell Havlik


Marcell Havlik


Project leader, programmer and data scientist expert. Founder and the business delegate of DiabTrend. His aim is the blood glucose level prediction development and the blood glucose level metabolism modelling with neural networks. His dream is the application means lifelong help every diabetic.

Károly Havlik


Károly Havlik


Enthusiastic medical student. He provides medical background and connections with notable doctors. Also helps at the modelling of blood glucose level metabolism with medical experiences and researches.