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Dia Panda

What is DiabTrend ?

It's not just another diabetes app.
With us you can:

  • Predict the next time you need to measure
  • Make food tracking easier
  • Get a better connection with your diabetologist
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Dia Panda Smart assistantDia Panda

❤️ DiaPanda is your personal assistant

✅ Continuously watches your blood glucose level

✅ Helps you to keep accurate logs

✅ Helps you to be motivated

✅ Gives you a continuous report over your blood glucose level

Software Integrations

Apple Health
Apple health icon

Like Google Fit, we can work with Apple Health’s data as well to give you better results

Google Fit

DiabTrend syncs the data with Google Fit and other trackers which you connected to Google Fit

Google Fit icon

Hardware Integrations

We have other integrations and are always working on more.

Amazfit Bip
Amazfit Bip

You can track your activity with the smart watch, and thus you can log these into our app too. You can sync your pulse data too, as an experimental feature

Abbott FreeStyle Libre1
Abbott FreeStyle Libre1

With this integration you can track your levels more precisely. More about hardware integrations




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