Personalized blood glucose level prediction
for risk-free everyday life

"Understand the past,
to predict the future,
to live in the present!"

The application

The world's most intelligent diabetes diary


A simple, but useful visualization!


Personalized blood glucose prediction, even after 2 days of logging!


Easy and continuous supervision!


A lovely figure, called DiaPanda to save our earthly beings! Soon!

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How it works


Log your diabetes diary:


Blood glucose level measurements


Insulin intakes


Food intakes




Physical activity

After 2 days of logging:

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Google & Apple Application
Google Fit and Apple Health integration

Your physical activity gets imported automatically.

Smart Watch
Smart watch integrations

Your smart watch continuously sync data into your diabetes diary.

Weather tracking

The application track the weather, so it can make more accurate prediction. (Coming soon)

BGL sensor integration via bluetooth

Integration with Glucometers, so data gets uploaded into the diary.

Insulin Pen
Insulin tracking

Integrating with insulin pens. So data gets uploaded through bluetooth. (Coming later)

Food Recognising
Food recognising

The application can recognise the food, so it can keep track of your carbohydrates. (Coming later)

The Team

Marcell ProfilLinkedin
Marcell Havlik - CEO

Project lead, business management and data scientist expert. Work to describe the blood glucose level metabolism with neural networks. Backend cluster development.

Tamás ProfilLinkedin
Tamás Havlik - CTO

Programmer and data scientist expert. Machine learning algorithm development and blood glucose level metabolism modelling. Frontend and backend cluster development.

Károly ProfilLinkedin
Károly Havlik - CMO

Enthusiastic medical student. Provide medical background and connections with notable doctors. Also helps at the modelling of blood glucose level metabolism with medical experiences and researches.

Merci ProfilLinkedin
Mercedesz Boros

Enthusiastic marketing manager. Her job is to create DiabTrend's face towards every diabetic people. Her dream is to make DiabTrend available to every people living with diabetes.

Szilard ProfilLinkedin
Szilárd Rácz

Software developer, who lives and dies for the project. He has a great view and lots of experience both on frontend and backend side.

Its you
React Native developer

[email protected]


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