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Our goal

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Everybody wants to be healthy. Those even more who have diabetes. Our goal is to give a tool with which you can fight for your own health and ultimately beat diabetes!

Many times diabetes management is the personal cross of the people affected by it. It’s boring but absolutely necessary and therefore can consume a person’s entire life where everything revolves around this difficult condition.That is the burden the Havlik brothers wanted to lighten and provide a guide for the journey.

And that is how DiabTrend came to life on an ordinary autumn day in 2015.

And diabetes simply shouldn’t be this hard, since we already have the technology to manage it! The app predicts the most important thing, “what your blood glucose will be in the next few hours”. It is simple and you probably already have everything that’s needed for it - your phone. No glass ball, no tarot cards, no tea leaves.

Around the idea of predicting blood sugar we constantly try to build and refine the most comprehensive app with the features people actually want to use and ask for.

The ultimate goal, to make diabetes management easier, more fun and accurate as hell, has become our reality.

Our story

DiabTrend was started in 2015 as a university project by the Havlik twins.

They founded the company in 2017 and for their first big step they competed at the Blastoff Startup Competition and won first place. Then they took part in the Falling Walls Conference, where they were chosen as the best startup and were invited to the international conference in Berlin in 2018. In the same year the product also made them European finalists of the EIT Health Innostars.

With a productive 2018, Péter Balogh saw that the product had the potential to be one of the most interesting projects concerning diabetes and joined DiabTrend in 2018.

Since then, tremendous development has happened. The next big leap was winning the Solus venture capital to help with the big vision that DiabTrend envisaged. The goal is to provide the best possible diabetes management that can be achieved with AI on an international level.

Our Team

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Marcell Havlik

Chief Executive Officer - CEO
diabtrend cto

Tamás Havlik

Chief Technology Officer - CTO
marketing member

Mercedesz Havlik

Marketing Specialist

Kinga T.-Nagy

Content Manager

Anna Koszecz

graphic designer member

Rebeka Babos

UX/UI designer

Mentors and investors

Balogh Péter

Befektető, ex-CEO of NNG

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