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How to treat your diabetes better in a smart way

As someone with diabetes, how much do you know about digital tools? Read our article to find out!

Living with diabetes means having to face serious challenges on a daily basis. In order to prevent complications from diabetes, such as vision deterioration or loss, neuropathy, renal impairment, diabetic foot, myocardial infarction, paralysis, etc., you need to keep your blood glucose levels within a healthy range. However, this can be affected by environmental factors such as changes in weather, your daily work tasks, and the stress that comes with it. Therefore, in order to achieve and maintain healthy blood glucose levels, constant control, and a mindful and disciplined attitude are required. For the day-to-day care of your diabetes, we are now providing some new and smart solutions that will help you keep it under control. Here at DiabTrend we call this diabetes management.

Digitalised diabetes logging instead of pen and paper

Keeping a diabetes diary and recording your diet, medication, and blood glucose levels, along with your movement data several times a day, takes a lot of time. To make it simpler, there are now a number of diabetes apps that you can choose from for both type 1 and even type 2 diabetes. Although some people may feel uncertain about abandoning paper-based diary keeping and switching to digital logging it may be worth trying a few diabetes apps, which can help address the above mentioned difficulties through their many different functions.

Diabetes logging is easier through smart functions

Whether it's tracking your blood glucose levels, your medicine intake, or logging your eating, sleeping, or physical activities, there are many applications at your disposal with dedicated functions for each activity. As a diabetic, monitoring your condition, and keeping it in balance, will help improve your quality of life. Even though healthcare software is being continuously improved, and diabetes apps can help type-1 diabetes patients by offering more and more functions, most of them have yet to provide a logging function for each activity.

To help track your meals there are many diabetes apps at your disposal that automatically recognise your food from a picture and, by adding these values, you're ready to log them. As the system is automatised, thanks to a picture-recognition algorithm, you will no longer have to write anything down as the app's meal recognition function does it for you. An example of one of these apps is the DiabTrend diabetes logging mobile app. A free version of this app is available.

A voice recognition function is useful for tracking your blood glucose levels and your medication intake, which can also be found in the DiabTrend application. This function helps make medication and blood glucose level tracking easier, as it logs them for you when you say these values into the phone's microphone.

If you use any other tools to monitor your condition, such as a physical activity measuring smartwatch, or a sensor to check your blood glucose level more frequently, it may be worth choosing an app that connects with these devices so it can easily transfer and save the data onto the app.

Havlik Mercédesz
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September 1, 2021

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