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Voice recognition

How can I set the language for speech recognition?

In profile view, open the "Application" menu and scroll down to "Languages". Choose the app's language. Another solution is also possible: open the speech recognition function and tap on the flag icon in the upper right corner, then choose the appropriate language.

The app misunderstands what I'm saying, why is this?

If the system understands your speech differently, repeat it. The function requires internet connection.

HbA1c estimation

How does the app calculate my HbA1c value?

The system uses the formula used in medical practice for the calculation of HbA1c. This is only an estimation, the standard is always the laboratory measurement.

How can I find my HbA1c?

You can see your HbA1c value on your profile, under your picture and name.


Clicking on the panda, I can see red and green parts in the bars. What do they mean?

The green parts mean the values you have already logged, and the red parts stand for the values you still have to log in order to get blood glucose level prediction.


How can I get new education cards?

There are some cards which are locked, but you can see how many days you have to wait to get new educational contents indicated in the brackets. You get new cards after you have opened all of the previous ones. You can see on the counter how many days you have to wait to get a new card.

Connection with others

How can I connect people to my profile?

Click on "Connections" in the menu when in profile view and scan your friend's QR code, or share yours with them via "Share my account".


How can I export my data?

In profile view, click on "Account" in the menu and then choose "Export data". Indicate the time range: with DiaVital, you can retrospectively export your data up to 1 month back, with DiaPremium even up to 6 months in the past. At the end, click on "Start exporting" button.


Reminders do not work.

In profile view, tapping on "Reminders" in the menu will let you set reminders for logging insulin, blood glucose level and eating. You can also add new reminders by clicking on the "Add" button.

How can I set up reminders?

1. Notifications are blocked on your phone. If you receive notifications from other apps, then this is not the problem.

2. DiabTrend's notifications are blocked on your phone. You can change this in the settings menu of your phone: Settings -> Applications -> DiabTrend menu -> Notifications. You can view here if notifications of the application are allowed or not.

3. Maybe notifications crashed. In order to check this, click on Settings -> Applications -> DiabTrend -> cleaning the storage. This way you can clean the app's storage.

4. Your phone is in energy efficient mode, so it is possible that it blocks background functions, even some notifications from apps. You can change the setting in the application so that it does not hold back DiabTrend's notifications.

If none of these four options help, write to us in our Facebook group or send us an email to

Medication database

How can I add new medicines to the app?

There is no way to add a new medicine. The medicine database cannot be expanded. If you cannot find your medicine in the database, send an email to, or write to us in our Facebook group.

How can I view a list of my medicines?

There is no list that contains your medicines, because every medicine you log is automatically added to the list of most frequently logged medicines.

Data synchronization

How can I connect a new device to the app?

In profile view, select "Integrations" in the menu, then "Connect new device". It is important that your Bluetooth is switched on. If it is not, then the system will recommend that you switch it on. After Bluetooth is turned on, click on "Connect new device" again and choose the device you would like to connect.

Healthcare professional view

How can I add my doctor?

Select "Connections" in the menu and scan your doctor's QR code, or share yours with them by clicking on "Share my account".

What data can my doctor see?

Your doctor will see your diabetes diary and an AGP report.

Dark mode

How can I set the app into dark mode?

In profile view, select "Application" in the menu, then switch on the button next to "Dark mode".