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What is it?

At DiabTrend, our goal is to provide a real solution in the market of traditional diabetes apps with logging function. This is how we want to help millions improve their quality of life and extend their life expectancy. In addition to automated logging and the food recognition and quantity estimating functions, what really makes DiabTrend an outstanding app in the daily management of diabetes and differentiates it from other diabetes-related apps is the blood glucose level prediction. During usage, DiaPanda interactively supports its users, and becomes their personal manager in controlling their diabetes.

Our story

DiabTrend was started in 2015 as a university project by the Havlik twins, and they founded the company as well in 2017. At first, they competed with DiabTrend in the Blastoff Startup Competition, then took part in the Falling Walls Conference, where they won first place among Hungarian contestants, and were invited to the international conference in Berlin in 2018. In the same year, DiabTrend was among the European finalists of the EIT Health Innostars. Péter Balogh invested in the startup as an angel investor in 2018. The next big leap was the Solus venture capital fund, as they signed an investment contract with DiabTrend in 2020. The goal is to help diabetic people on an international level. 

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Who we are working for

Type1 and Type2 diabetics

We would like to make it easier to live with and handle diabetes. This way, everyone with diabetes can live a longer and healthier life. 

Doctors and Nutritionists

With this application, they receive a tool that makes it more effective for them to keep in touch with their patients and monitor their condition.


Thanks to our technological solutions, we can provide a tool for research institutes and universities with which they can conduct research.

Our values


We know that we work with highly sensitive data, so we give you all our information and medical references about how we are working with the data and how we process it, so you can decide on whether you want to use our app or not. 

Data protection

We carefully handle your data and store it on our servers in Europe to comply with strict European laws,  in compliance with GDPR. See our Term of Use and Privacy policy.


We are continuously consulting with medical professionals and even researchers to increase our product’s reliability. 


We are proud that we are the first diabetes diary app that gives truly personal prediction and has other useful features to make your life easier. 

Mentors and investors

Balogh Péter

Befektető, ex-CEO of NNG

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Advice from specialists in their fields and community

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